Ninjago Halloween Costumes

Ninjago CostumesIf you have a child under the age of fourteen, chances are that you are extremely familiar with all of the LEGO Ninjago toys that are currently available. What you may not be aware of, however, is that you can also find a number of exciting Ninjago costumes for your kids to wear this Halloween?

While it is certainly true that I do not know much about you, and our household, if yours is anything like mine then it is full of LEGO play sets and minifigures. Heck, we even have LEGO posters on the wall and Ninjago sheets on the bed.

With that being said, it should come as no surprise that my son is, more likely than not, going to have me buy him one of these Ninjago Halloween costumes this year. What’s more, chances are pretty good that he will want the green ninja costume seeing as how Lloyd Garmadon is perhaps the most powerful ninja to be born in centuries.

Green Ninja CostumeGreen Ninja Costume

Last year, my son and I really got into watching this sensational series on DVD. We grabbed them on Amazon and spent the next few weeks watching as many of these shows as we could before bed each night.

One of the main back stories found in the beginning of season one was which ninja would eventually become the green ninja. I, of course, immediately guessed that it would be Kai, since he is so fast and powerful. My son thought it would be Cole, since he was so strong and noble.

As you may or may not know, neither one of us were correct. In fact, none of the original four ninjas actually become the destined warrior. It actually turned out to be a kid no one would have ever expected to amount to much; particularly knowing who his father was!

Red Ninja CostumeRed Ninja Costume

The Ninjago Kai costume is perhaps my favorite.

What I really like about the new outfits from the Ninja Avenger costume line is the dragon that is featured prominently on the front of the vest.

Last season, these costumes featured a rather boring Lion screen print on the front. The new, and improved, dragon screen print is featured colors that really help the shoulder pads stand out.

This fantastic costume comes complete with a pair of red pants and matching long sleeved shirt. A black screen print belt accents the midsection and new, gold colored shoulder pads tie everything together nicely!

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