Legends of Chima Costumes

Legends of Chima PajamasDon’t get me wrong, my son still loves Ninjago costumes but the new Legends of Chima costumes have really captured his imagination lately.

Chima is one of those creations that can seem almost magical to a six year old boy. It features such popular creatures as Lions, Bears, Crocodiles, Ravens, and even Skunks; only they all have basic human characteristics including speech!

The land of Chima was once a peacefully place; almost a utopian society for the lack of a better description. Only now this world is at war, pitting one tribe against another, all to gain control over Chi; their magical source of energy that provides energy to the animals and power to use their magnificent machines.

What makes this initial struggle so difficult is that now even former friends are bitter enemies as they struggle to control more and more Chi!

Legends of Chima CostumesLion Tribe Costumes

Parents will, more likely than not, want their children to associate themselves with the Lion Tribe. Legends of Chima is, after all, a story that centers around Laval, the prince of the Lion Tribe and former best friend of Cragger, Prince of the Crocodile Tribe!

This sword and shield set is perfect for any kid wanted to be an honorary member of the Lion Tribe this Halloween.

Both pieces, the sword and the shield, are made from a high quality foam-like material that is soft and flexible yet durable and made to last. Your kids will be battling it out all year round with these sensational accessories.

Croc Tribe CostumesChima Halloween Costumes

If your son is anything like mine, however, then you can bet that the Chima Halloween costumes he likes best are from the bad guys!

Cragger and Laval were actually friends at one time. Laval was, in fact, perhaps the only person to be able to make Cragger laugh at himself. Once you get to know just how large his ego really is you will know just how big a feat that really is!

Unfortunately for Cragger, and for Chima in general, he got his first taste of Chi too early. As a result, his insatiable desire for more has destroyed his long lasting friendship with Laval and ruin the peaceful existence the world had know for thousands of years!

This sword and shield set is a lot like the Lion Tribe’s, only a bit darker; edgier in nature if you will. The sword measures approximately 20″ long while the shield comes in at approximately 16″x14″; which is perfect for most kids between the ages of six and fourteen!

If your son wants one of these cool Legends of Chima costumes, you will need to act quickly as they are already starting to sell out. Grab your today on Amazon!

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